Welcome to Sankurathri Foundation

Welcome to Sankurathri Foundation.

Sankurathri Foundation may have been started in the memory of Dr.Chandra’s family, but it also has its origins in Dr. Chandra’s deep desire to do something impactful in India and help raise the quality of life in India. All through the years he spent abroad, he was haunted by this thought that ‘ Why India cannot develop , while Indians abroad are doing well for themselves ? ‘. One of the world’s gruesome terrorist attacks changed his life, but  Dr.Chandra instead of pouring his outrage, internalized the pain and turned it into compassion and work towards betterment of society.

Dr.Chandra’s Wife Manjari, Son Srikiran & daughter Sarada perished in the terrorist’s attack of mid-air bomb blow off Air India 182 on  23rd June,1985. The tragedy that took away his precious personal life led him to think of starting an orphanage ,but eventually moved to starting a school for the underprivileged. Taking stock of his own family siblings’ rise in life owing to education; he realized that access to quality education is the key driver for India’s development. 

Interestingly around the same time, Dr. Chandra was supporting his friend Dr.V.K.Raju in organizing eye care camps in underdeveloped areas and the collaboration led to starting an Ophthalmology hospital.  Quality of service & affordable pricing are the key elements for Dr.Chandra in this venture.